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Crowdsourcing Publishing Model Fails

JPG Magazine broke out with a bold content generation plan a couple of years ago: bring a “photo enthusiast” print magazine, they would scour the internet for the best of the best non-professional images and reprint them in their pages. It’s always been a fun magazine to flip through. As innovative as this approach was, their business model was not so much, as they relied on ad sales to support the printed product.

In my opinion they made a VERY good run at it and I am sad that they are closing up shop. You can get the full run-down from their blog. At a minimum, they are one great case-study for publishers everywhere trying to divine the future of print media. I just wish Laura and crew could have made it.

GOOD Magazine – worth what?

Good Magazine

The folks over at GOOD Magazine are spinning a little Radiohead retail. That is you pay them whatever you want for a year’s subscription (starting at a dollar). Think they have too many charts and the traditionally $20/yr. rate was too high? Pay $10. You keep up with paper and gas prices and realize these probably couldn’t do anything else in life, but create a magazine that tries to create and be helpful, so they need a liferaft? Pay them $50.

Even if you’ve never picked up the magazine. How can you pass up an annual subscription for a dollar?

Their post asks readers to check back on October 22nd, for an update, on how this new plan is working out. We’ll pass along any news, of this great experiment.

Birmingham By the Book


Thanks to Carla Jean Whitley for the mention in the August issue of Birmingham Magazine. Very cool! So everyone go out and buy a copy so you can tell all your friends “hey, I read that book blog”… but seriously she put together a great list of what the article calls “The Essentials… must-visit websites that will guide you through the city”.

The piece is populated by local online heavy-hitters, including al.com, bhamterminal.com, wadeonbirmingham.com, bhamwiki.com, etc. (you know all the guys that must have invented the interwebs).

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. It’s fun keeping this site going and even more so when you know folks are reading. Plus, she got every last punctuation mark correct in {head}:sub/head. Why is that important to me? I dunno. It just is… and you have to appreciate someone that pays attention to detail like that.

Magazine Mentions B’ham Bookstores

Portico Managing Editor, Amanda Manning has penned a piece on a handful of our local bookstores. Her article is slated to run in the September issue. Manning has only called Birmingham home for a few years, so she graciously answered a few quick questions for me about her article and other bookish goodness.

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