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Calligrams and WordCamp

I learned a new word last week: calligram.

A calligram is a poem, phrase, or word in which the typeface, calligraphy or handwriting is arranged in a way that creates a visual image.

I learned this word from the design-lead for this year’s WordCamp Birmingham Josh Gilmer when he was explaining this year’s  event shirt.

WordCamp Shirt

Isn’t that cool? If you’re from Birmingham, AL you’ll get the reference to Vulcan, if not, you can still appreciate the wordy design aspect of the shirt. The shirt is one of the perks you get from attending this year’s WordCamp Birmingham on October 29th.

This site,, runs on WordPress and it’s great. WordCamp this year is only $20 and includes access to all of the WordPress-centered sessions, meals, snacks, after party drink tickets, t-shirt, etc. and it’s always a lot of fun. So many cool helpful people there willing to help you and/or learn from you.

So if you’re in driving distance of Birmingham and want to know more about WordPress, you should check it out. It’s only $20 and only one day. And it’s always worth it.

If you’re not near Birmingham, AL, you should check the official WordCamp site for events near you. Even the local meet-ups can be fun and informative. I have attended many WordCamps around the Southeast and have yet to regret it.

WordCamp Attending


10 Year Blogging Anniversary

I just wanted to take a quick moment and mark this milestone – is 10-years-old. Back in July, I crossed the 520 week threshold.

10_year_anniversaryMy very first post was about a book found in a Irish bog (which is still kind of cool). Not much has changed, on this blog, over the years. I’ve been through 4 templates and have grown up with WordPress (which is definitely still kind of cool). And I have talked a lot about books, publishing and Birmingham.

Another thing that has not changed in the 10 years are the neat people I’ve met through my little book blog. Bookish people are by far some of the coolest folks one could meet. Passions and opinions run deep. And while the conversations have moved out of the comments sections and onto Twitter, etc. I still get excited when I get the chance to “talk books” with any of you.

So a special ‘thank you’ to each of you for taking some time to visit every once and a while.

Trying to start a new chapter

Please, bear with me over the next few days. I have upgraded to the new WordPress 3.0.3 and have suddenly found my widgets out of whack and my hacked-to-heck-and-back theme/template teetering on the edge of obsolescence. So I’m trying to chart a new path which may require a new template, etc. Ugh, we’ll see.

It’s a change that’s a long time coming (the current look is 3-years-old) and one that will no doubt require more tech skills, knowledge, time and bourbon than I have.

Getting Mentioned

I just wanted to post a quick and very sincere THANK YOU to both the Birmingham Magazine and the fine folks over at Alabama Bloggers. I managed to make the pages of Birmingham Magazine for their Summer Reading extravaganza… which ran the month after their “Best Looking Sexiest Hottie” issue… maybe I need to start working out. But Carla Jean’s articles are still up, so go check them out while you can. Good stuff.

Also, my little book blog landed a “Center Stage” feature over on Alabama Bloggers. Thank you for that! Lots of good things happening at Alabama Bloggers. It’s a good one to keep an eye on.

All of this to say it’s been a busy summer, it’s always nice to get noticed and now it’s time to get back to regular posts and some good books. Though with this great weather, I’d almost rather be out hiking.