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Crowdsourcing Publishing Model Fails

JPG Magazine broke out with a bold content generation plan a couple of years ago: bring a “photo enthusiast” print magazine, they would scour the internet for the best of the best non-professional images and reprint them in their pages. It’s always been a fun magazine to flip through. As innovative as this approach was, their business model was not so much, as they relied on ad sales to support the printed product.

In my opinion they made a VERY good run at it and I am sad that they are closing up shop. You can get the full run-down from their blog. At a minimum, they are one great case-study for publishers everywhere trying to divine the future of print media. I just wish Laura and crew could have made it.

Steve Jobs saves reading

Is that a headline of the future? The rumor mill has cranked out enough “what ifs” to come full circle. Ever since Steve jobs announced that no one reads anymore and that publishing is a dead-end market, people have have been picking at him.

But the NY Times’ blog has a post today, not double guessing, but quadruple guessing Jobs and Apple’s plans and wonder if they plan to reinvent book reading the way they reinvented the way people listen to music.