Book Tent

This weekend is the Great American Backyard Campout, where people pop-up their tents in their yards to celebrate camping, community and nature.

Every book lover reading this just thought, “If I did that – what book would I bring to read”?. So in honor of this weekend, I would like to share with the Fully Booked book tent! It’s a tent. . .  that looks like an open book. And unlike your paperback this book is 100% waterproof.


The site says it sleeps 2-3 people. I am thinking that’s really 2 people with no room to move or prop up and read. But hey, this book tent is about as cool and campy as it gets. What book lover wouldn’t want this as a gift to take out in the backyard and spend the night under the stars?

This book tent costs $445.00. Its oversized book cover sports a blurb on the back and even a barcode. I think the flaps that are designed to look like pages of an open book are too fun.


Hope you make it outside this weekend with a good book!

2 thoughts on “Book Tent”

  1. Love it. The only thing that would make it better would be a choice of book cover designs.

    1. Sam, you may have just stumbled onto a whole new product category. . . I can envision a whole collection of tent rain flies all designed to look like different book covers.

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