Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for book lovers is something near and dear to my heart. So I know how hard it is to find a truly unique gift for folks who read. The fact is, it’s not just about being unique, but often being useful. The best gift for a reader is one that they’ll use or proudly show off every chance they get.

Gifts for Book Lovers - the Book Bandolier
The Book Bandolier is an example of a great and useful gift for a book lover.

Of course, if you’re looking for a gift for a bibliophile then you really can’t do any better than a book, can you? Of course, finding the RIGHT book is always tough. This seems to be the thought process for those who know book lovers:

Do they already have it? Do they hate the author? Can they return it if they’ve read it? Are commemoration copies worth the price? Is it poor form to gift used books? Ah heck – let’s just get them a gift card to a book store.

But we can do better than that! There are PLENTY of cool and funky gifts for book lovers that aren’t books. Scroll through some of the posts below. I tend to list just about every book-related or author-related thing I come across. So there are plenty of diy gifts for book lovers, games for book lovers, etc. I constantly scour etsy, pinterest, etc. for all kinds of cool book, writing and reading gear. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. Happy hunting!

Here’s a listing of a few popular posts featuring gift ideas for folks who like books:


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