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Amazon, again

Wow, if there is any truth to this tid-bit Amazon is getting good at throwing their weight around. On the heels, of the P.O.D. smack-down, publishers in the U.K. now fear an Amazonian backlash over pricing structures.

Basically, the gist is Amazon prices all they offer at a big discount. Some publishers, in order to lure a few customers are offering deeper discounts on their own websites, undercutting Amazon. Evidently, this has upset the Amazon gods and they are sniffing around looking for a fix. Due to some legal-ese in the U.K. contracts, some fear

Amazon may retaliate by regarding a publisher’s online price as the recommended retail price and applying its trading terms to that.

So, if you publish a book and mark it $10, Amazon’s price is $8 at 20% off. Then, you, as the publisher and owner of the book, offer it at $7, on your own site. Amazon says “your offer of $7 is the ‘real market’ value since that’s what you, as the publisher, are offering” so we’ll now sell your book for $5.60 per our 20% off agreement”.

You know, I can appreciate the chance of lower book prices as much as the next starving book hoarder… but there is just something about a retailer having the clout to tell publishers and content developers what they can and cannot do with their products, that gets my all kinds of ticked off. I hope it never happens.
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Doggone Books

***Sadly this bookstore closed up in 2016. I’m leaving this post up as an archive ***

I stumbled across a used bookstore over in the Irondale area of town, so I thought I’d share. It’s called Doggone Books and enjoys the fortuitous traffic-inducing location of being two doors down from the Whistlestop Cafe (yes, THAT Whistlestop Cafe).

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Top selling out-of-print books

Here’s a list I wish I could have as an RSS feed in my pocket. It’s the Top 10 Out-of-Print Books that have sold on eBay. In other words, the top ten books you are most likely to run across at yard sales and flea markets that are netting the big bucks on online auctions.

I might have to start keeping an eye on this list. We have tons of little antique shops in Birmingham that always have books tucked in the corners. But to be honest, if I ran across Once A Runner, I’d glance at the cover and keep moving. But that just shows how costly ignorance can be. That book is selling for $200 on eBay! It’d be a dream to run across one of these knitting books for a couple of bucks and pass them along to someone who REALLY wanted it. I’ll pass along updates as I find them.