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For those of us not at BEA

Yes, once again, it’s that time of year and BEA is in full swing up nawth in New York. And once again I’m down south… not at BEA. But the bourbon is cheaper here and I didn’t have to stress over what books to pack as my “trip books”, so I guess I have that going for me. Well that and BookTV, which has a great line up of live and delayed BEA coverage all weekend long. So check out the schedule to see what you can see. One note, I see that Pat Conroy was in the lineup on an author panel, but today had to pull-out due to his still recovering from surgery.

Birmingham Arts Journal turns 5


Birmingham Arts Journal

Tonight, 6pm at Urban Standard (2320 2nd Ave North) you will find a flock of Birmingham’s most clever and creative folks gathering to celebrate the Birmingham Arts Journalturning 5-years-old. BAJ Art Editor Liz Reed says both the party and 52-page quarterly publication are helping to put our city in the global arts spotlight…

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Doggone Books

***Sadly this bookstore closed up in 2016. I’m leaving this post up as an archive ***

I stumbled across a used bookstore over in the Irondale area of town, so I thought I’d share. It’s called Doggone Books and enjoys the fortuitous traffic-inducing location of being two doors down from the Whistlestop Cafe (yes, THAT Whistlestop Cafe).

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