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Most Influential Southern Novel

Academics from a few southern universities have compiled a short-list of “the greatest in Southern Literature” and will discuss/announce the “winner” this Wednesday night on South Carolina Education TV. There is also an “online poll” tab to click on so you can vote for your favorite.

The list of 20 titles that they compiled is:

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The Man Booker Shortlist – 2008

Here’s this year’s list and I haven’t read any of them. Not sure why I feel guilty about that… I think it’s just that I’d enjoy this more if I had a horse to pull for in this race.

Aravind Adiga The White Tiger  (Atlantic)
Sebastian Barry The Secret Scripture (Faber and Faber)                        
Amitav Ghosh Sea of Poppies (John Murray)                                  
Linda Grant The Clothes on Their Backs (Virago)             
Philip Hensher The Northern Clemency (Fourth Estate)                    
Steve Toltz A Fraction of the Whole (Hamish Hamilton) 

Quills are no more

Over the past three years, Reed Business Information has pushed the Quills as publishing’s “Oscar night”, even having the literary award show televised. But today, RBI announced the plug has been pulled on the awards and the broadcast. So now we’ll all just have to rely on things like the Pulitzers, PEN awards, the Man Booker, etc. to tell us who is popular and who is not. Much like Jerome Weeks’ post today spells out.

Also, RBI has announced that they are for sale and looking for a buyer. So I’ll be happy to set-up a PayPal account if we all want to go in together and make an offer! I wonder if there would be much backlash if we moved the company headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama?

Best Business Books

I like business books. I’m a firm believer that if you really want to know what’s going on in your community, then skip the fornt page of the newspaper and read the business section foirst. This is about the folks actually doing the work, not just talking about the work that needs to be done (i.e. politicians.)

So, I read a fair amount of business books…

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