Best Business Books

I like business books. I’m a firm believer that if you really want to know what’s going on in your community, then skip the fornt page of the newspaper and read the business section foirst. This is about the folks actually doing the work, not just talking about the work that needs to be done (i.e. politicians.)

So, I read a fair amount of business books…

which is why I always look forward to this time of year and all the lists.

Business Week magazine has released their picks for their cream of the crop. Pretty good, put kind of scatter-shot.

My favorite list has been (and is this year, too) the released by Strategy+Business magazine.

It does require a free registration, to view, but it’s sooo worth it. They go through the trouble of  breaking down the genre into sub-cats and offer the best books for the entrepreneur, strategy, biography, etc. so you always get the “best of” titles that apply to what you’re looking for. By nature, business books (especially the good ones) have to be more subject specific, so it’s nice to have a list that recognizes that.

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