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Story Cubes

I ran across Rory’s Story Cubes the other day and am trying to decide if my son is old enough to play. He has quite the imagination an I wonder if it would carry over to this game.

How fun would it be to sit around rolling dice, helping each other build on each other’s stories? Though not really a book-themed game like some of the others we have, I do think it would be a nice addition to the game closet. There is also a $1.99 iPhone app. Which is handy, but really doesn’t impress me as much as the analog version. I think we’d do better with a handful of dice to toss around the floor.

I have not found them in a Birmingham-area store yet, though the site says Barnes and Noble stocks them. I’ll let you know if I find them around town, if you’ll do the same! Have a good weekend.

A Gamut of Games

I wish I had seen this bookish game pre-holidays, but I’m just now discovering it {via kimbooktu}. This one comes with a mini-bookshelf to place all your many mini-books, library card, you get your own bookstore… what could be more fun?

I’m anxious to add it to the other two games already sitting in my closet Booktastic and The Booklover’s Edition of Trivial Pursuit. If you know of any other bookcentric games, please pass them along!