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A Gamut of Games

I wish I had seen this bookish game pre-holidays, but I’m just now discovering it {via kimbooktu}. This one comes with a mini-bookshelf to place all your many mini-books, library card, you get your own bookstore… what could be more fun?

I’m anxious to add it to the other two games already sitting in my closet Booktastic and The Booklover’s Edition of Trivial Pursuit. If you know of any other bookcentric games, please pass them along!

Book games

A rare-book blog has created a couple of bookish themed games. They’re pretty good at burning a few minutes on a lazy holiday afternoon. Though, I think I have the lowest score on the “famous First Lines” game. I faired much better at “Letter-a-ture”. Which is even more fun because of the two player setting.

Posting will remain a little light this week, as I shed my holiday sugar induced shakes and relearn the mechanics of typing.

I hope your holiday season has been a peaceful one!

{via myfinebooks}