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The Book Bandolier

Book Bandolier

The Book Bandolier is one of those super simple, super nifty solutions out there that would be a good gift for any book lover. If you have ever carried more than two books at once I’d wager you’ve thought of something like this.

The adjustable strap is 2 inches wide and 21 inches long, with 6 pen/pencil/brush loops. That way you can carry a couple of books and highlighting tools without having to lug a bag or load up your pocket protector. I can’t tell what it’s made of. Bits of it look like faux leather, but I’m not sure. This book bandolier is made by a crafty person in San Francisco and is for sale via her Etsy site for $26. Very handy.

Typographic Wallpaper

Fantastic does not begin to describe how cool these wallpapers are. These would make great screen savers, t-shirts, tattoos. Well, maybe tattoo is a bit much…. We’re looking to gussy up some walls around the house and I ran across these awesome wallpapers. Some are screen-printed, some letterpress-looking, but all are 100% cool. And Italian. I haven’t found anything local that even comes close. Take a look:

Here’s the site where you can check out all the wall coverings. Just click on the ‘Life’ drop down. There is also a drop down to select the language. Setting it to English is helpful. It’s doubtful that we’ll get any of these exact typographic wallpaper designs, but I certainly have some cool ideas now.

2011 Typographic Calendars

These are two of my favorites this year… and they’re cheap! First up is one sporting a series of wood cards printed in such a manner that they resemble old type-specimen cards. Pretty cool. It’s only $24 for the whole 2011 series.

But this one has to be my favorite so far. It’s almost a work of art. This wall calendar is only $10 and displays the entire year on the front, thanks to the cool circular type design. Sure this isn’t one that you could log appointments on, but it sure would look nice on the wall.

Did I miss any other cool calendars this year?