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Birminghamsters… unite!

A local good soul has started a Birmingham, Alabama group over on LibraryThing. The potential is great. You should click over and check it out. I’ve already learned some local lore, just by clicking through to the B’ham based books list over on the BhamWiki.

The Wiki has lots of cool stuff. If you’re not careful you’ll loose an hour (or two) just clicking through all the uber-infomative related goodness.

Namath Naysayers

We talked about Joe Namath coming to town to sign books.

Well, one local blogger has the inside scoop on what Mr. Namath is like behind the scenes.

I can imagine famous people get tired of “having” to do “famous people stuff” and slum with all of us commoners. But there is no need to be a butt about it, ya know? I mean if you are so busy that you can’t sign a few extra books for fans who stood in line forever, then you really shouldn’t bother. Just ruins the whole thing.

Maybe it’s cause he’s not a real writer. He’s an athlete. So maybe that’s why his booksigning didn’t crank his tractor. I dunno.

Carter coming to town

President Jimmy Carter will be in the Birmingham area on December 1st. He’s making the rounds promoting his new book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid.

I haven’t read it yet, but I’m told this latest release is about on par with Carter’s previous books. Sort of “same thoughts and rationale, just different backdop”. But I’ll have to pick up a copy and judge for myself.

You can only get yours signed if you have a ticket. Tickets can be bought at the Alabama Booksmith’s site or at the store. You buy one book, you get one line ticket. Makes sense. Of course, if you can’t make the December 1st event Jake at The Alabama Booksmith will make sure to hold you a signed copy, if you let him know!