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Two places at once

The Birmingham Public Library has posted its first show on YouTube. You can view the video here, from their blog. It’s the epsiode promoting Alabama Bound and discussing a book on Miles College and drama titled Mayor Todd.

The YouTube video has a couple of weird edits and lasts around six minutes. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the same show that airs on public access here in the ‘ham. Which is pretty cool if you miss it on TV.

Props to the BPL crew for doing this. I hope they keep it up!

Booking the ‘ham

If you’re in the ‘ham this weekend you’ll want to swing by the Vestavia Hills library. Their BIG annual book sale kicks off this afternoon at 5pm and runs through Tuesday. The library opens at 9am on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday.
I’m thinking about taking elbow pads and a helmet, in case it’s anything like last year’s sale. Some people are CRAZY about $1 books and I always seem to be in their way!

Book Art Exhibit

I finally made it over to the Birmingham Library for the Book Arts Exhibit and I wasn’t disappointed. Lots of neat bindings and materials. But my faves, as usual, was the letterpress work. Most impressive. And a bunch of it is for sale too.

I posted pics after the jump. The name under each picture is the bookartist’s name.
Don’t forget to check out the book artist podcasts too!

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