Two places at once

The Birmingham Public Library has posted its first show on YouTube. You can view the video here, from their blog. It’s the epsiode promoting Alabama Bound and discussing a book on Miles College and drama titled Mayor Todd.

The YouTube video has a couple of weird edits and lasts around six minutes. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the same show that airs on public access here in the ‘ham. Which is pretty cool if you miss it on TV.

Props to the BPL crew for doing this. I hope they keep it up!

One thought on “Two places at once”

  1. Thanks for letting your readers know about the library’s latest offering. You are correct about the video being originally aired on public access television. I am in the early stages of learning how to edit and upload videos and this was my first attempt. That explains the “weird edits”. Hopefully my technique will improve. Thanks again and if you have a chance check out the Birmingham Black Barons video at

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