Buchanan’s B’ham Show

Local print artist Charles Buchanan has another show at Naked Art. He’ll be at the gallery Friday, January 12th, 5pm-9pm and then again Saturday, January 13th, 1pm-6pm.

Over on his blog, Charles has been keeping us posted on his latest creations and work, for this show. We’re looking forward to seeing what he brings out the show.

But now is the time to snap up some of his prints… for I fear he’s been “discovered”.

That’s good for him (and Birmingham), but bad for us with small pocket books. He’s already giving city tours to New York Times reporters and will appear on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” the season. Who knows what the new year holds for him.
So we’re glad we’ve been buying his prints over the past couple of years! At least, we’ll be able to say ‘we knew him when’. And who knows, once he’s uber-famous we’ll auction off a piece and retire.

2 thoughts on “Buchanan’s B’ham Show”

  1. Thanks for the plug and the compliments! And don’t worry about your wallet–I’ll always have some kind of affordable art, since that’s the kind of work I like to see when I’m an art buyer.

    Hopefully I’ll see you this weekend!

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