Book Ties

Is it cliche to do a post on bookish ties this close to Father’s Day? Or is it just timely? Yeah. . . I’m leaning towards cliche as well. . . so if you have to buy a gift for Father’s Day, make it a book.

But these ties are pretty dang nifty so I’ll share anyway. It’s tough to find ties with books on them without it looking like a cheap novelty or hokey. These ties all come from the fantastically fun Literary Gift Company over in the U.K. so I went ahead and converted the prices to U.S. dollars below.

The vintage Penguin Book Covers tie is pretty cool, in that pop art kind of way. But it seems even non-book people are drawn to the iconic Penguin book covers. Not sure why. This will run you $38.95.


This Lorem Ipsum tie would appeal to anyone who has ever worked in book design before. The text has become the defacto standard for placeholder text when designing layouts. Anyone have an idea what font is used in the tie? This one rings up at $52.98.


Here’s a tasteful tie featuring yellow books painted by Van Gogh. Many painters use books in their masterpieces and Van Gogh was no different. This one features a stack of books he used in an 1887 painting and looks a little more classy that the other ones. This will run you $38.95





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