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Patsy Riley signing at Milestone Books

Alabama First Lady Patsy Riley will be at Milestone Books this Saturday, May 9th, 10am-12pm. She’ll be signing her new cookbook When the Doorbell Rings at the Governor’s Mansion. And if you want that book, you better go to Milestone because I can’t find it on Amazon or Indiebound.org. It seems to only be available at the Montgomery Gift Shop and select local bookstores.

Book festivals from around the world

Though not a very large event, our young and humble Alabama Book Festival is always an event we travel too. It’s always fun to snap pics of authors you’ve heard of, but never seen. I have yet to meet an author who’s face matched the one I had given them in mind. After scrolling through Kimbooktu’s photos of a Ducth book fetival, I clicked around for a few others…

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