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Book games

A rare-book blog has created a couple of bookish themed games. They’re pretty good at burning a few minutes on a lazy holiday afternoon. Though, I think I have the lowest score on the “famous First Lines” game. I faired much better at “Letter-a-ture”. Which is even more fun because of the two player setting.

Posting will remain a little light this week, as I shed my holiday sugar induced shakes and relearn the mechanics of typing.

I hope your holiday season has been a peaceful one!

{via myfinebooks}

All together now

Here’s a pretty neat post from some folks over at Picador about publishing a book simultaneously as a hardback and paperback.

I’ve always wondered if it’s two different customer sets. Paperbacks have always been easier for me to read, so I always go for those (the lower price point helps too). But the hardbacks look sooooo much better on the shelf and 9 out of 10 times are designed better.

From my desk here I can see six titles that I bought in paperback and liked it so much that I bought it in hardback too. Is that weird? I haven’t reread any of them, but it just seems more appropriate to have these books as hardbacks sitting on my shelf.