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Best Business Books

I like business books. I’m a firm believer that if you really want to know what’s going on in your community, then skip the fornt page of the newspaper and read the business section foirst. This is about the folks actually doing the work, not just talking about the work that needs to be done (i.e. politicians.)

So, I read a fair amount of business books…

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Adobe Adds to the Ad game

Now here’s a new service/product that could really do wonders for small publishers and anyone with print content. According to Publisher’s Weekly, Adobe has teamed up with Yahoo to provide a service that allows you to place ads in your pdf documents.

So, if you post a 10 page pdf document to your site, and are running this new service, Adobe/Yahoo will give you code to place on random pages that they’ll serve ads to, whenever it’s opened/downloaded.

WOWIO (which lets you download whole books for free) has been immensely successful at doing this and advertisers love them for it.

This could be really cool for folks sitting on tons of content with no way to pay for distribution. Ahhhh, the power of the internet!

Tis the season

shelftreet.jpgBooks are always my first gift of choice for folks I know. It’s fun to try and match up your friends and family with books they might not have heard of, but you think “are right up their alley”. But this year, I keep getting sucked into “bookish” sites though… like Levenger and such.

That’s when I ran across the pic of the ‘Book Tree’ at Swiss Miss (it’s also featured on Crib Candy). Which all led me back to a post on the Book Covers blog featuring some of the hippest and coolest shelves around. It’s not quite “library porn”, but it’s fun to click through all the sites and check out the designs.