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New bookstore opening

Birmingham’s southside is home to a new used bookstore. Greencup Books is holding its official “grand opening” this Friday night. The doors open at 2pm with a reading/signing by Tony Crunk and artist Peter Wilm. They will be signing their joint publishing project Stories from Real Life.

Greencup Books sells mainly used books culled from collections and sales all over the South East. But there are a few new titles on hand too. Some from their own small-press imprint Absnth Inc. So that’s pretty cool too.

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The Literacy Council Used Bookstore

lc01.jpgThe Literacy Council
2301 First Avenue North, Suite 102
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone: 205-326-1925 and 1-888-448-7323
Fax: 205-326-0538

It’s easy to miss this place. The doors are tucked up under an awning along 1st Avenue North. Most days you have to ring the doorbell to be let in. Just tell the person at the desk that you are there for the book sale and they’ll wind you around the office to the back area with all of the books. This space also doubles as a conference room. So if someone is having a meeting, you’ll have to come back later. But you can’t beat the prices and you never know what you’ll find. There are plenty of remainders but then also, just as many pristine copies of donated books.

The book store is open 8:30- 5:00, Monday through Friday.
Hardbacks $3.00, Softbacks $2.00,
Used books and advance copies $1.00
Buy 5 and get the 6th free.









Top selling out-of-print books

Here’s a list I wish I could have as an RSS feed in my pocket. It’s the Top 10 Out-of-Print Books that have sold on eBay. In other words, the top ten books you are most likely to run across at yard sales and flea markets that are netting the big bucks on online auctions.

I might have to start keeping an eye on this list. We have tons of little antique shops in Birmingham that always have books tucked in the corners. But to be honest, if I ran across Once A Runner, I’d glance at the cover and keep moving. But that just shows how costly ignorance can be. That book is selling for $200 on eBay! It’d be a dream to run across one of these knitting books for a couple of bucks and pass them along to someone who REALLY wanted it. I’ll pass along updates as I find them.

Malcolm’s Reading Room

Sadly this bookstore closed back in 2009. This post is being left up for archival purposes.

**My latest contribution to the Bham Terminal has been posted. So you can catch me over there or keep reading below.**

Malcolm’s Reading Room

The newest kid on Birmingham’s book selling block is Malcolm’s Reading Room (404 17th St. North) which is the ground level of the historic Masonic Temple building. Malcolm’s Reading Room is billed as an African-American bookstore, which the banners, t-shirts and colors make obvious after stepping through the door. But after spending a few short minutes with co-owner Simone Snelling, one gets the feeling that the store is about something more…

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