Buzz Book 2015

The folks over at Publisher’s Lunch have released this year’s Buzz Books. These annual FREE ebooks offer excerpts and background information for a few dozen not-yet-released books.

This year there is the Buzz Book 2015 and the Buzz Book 2015 – Young Adult (YA) edition.

The Buzz Book 2015 features 35 books covering both fiction and non-fiction books. What’s neat about this year is that there are some lesser-known authors in there as well as some names you’ll probably recognize.

While the YA edition features 20 books.


Both editions are available through kindle, nook, Google Play, iBooks, and Kobo. Sorry no PDF version this year.

And a hat tip to BookChase for posting about this a couple of weeks ago. Leave a comment if you grab a copy of the free ebook and stumble across a new read that you want to check out. Lot’s of good books slated for the Fall it seems. Just what my TBR pile needs. . .

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