The online book world just got a little more fun thanks to the launch of This site is a bit of a social experiment and a bit of classroom project as the videos are produced by 20 University of Oregon journalism students. launched in April 2015 and has 23 videos posted so far and all of them focus on books, authors and readers. The site seems to be going for a more social-share vibe rather than straight up journalism. I think there may only be one or two videos over two minutes in length. So it’s definitely designed to snack on and share.

I can already tell that one of my favorite segments will #JudgeItByTheCover bit where they stop a passerby and ask them what they think the book is about based solely on the front cover. It’s pretty fun.

There is also the What’s on Your Nightstand, where they chat with folks out on the street,  Q&A’s with authors and even a kids segment called Kid’s Corner. The “About” tab says they have a partnership with Powell’s, but I can’t figure out exactly.

Booklandia_TwitterIt’s been fun skimming through the videos. They also have a direct YouTube page and are @BooklandiaTV on Twitter as well.


So if you’re hungry for some snack-sized book content to watch check out I can tell it’s only going to get better and more creative.


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