Find Free Books in Birmingham

Books are great, but FREE books get a whole different section on the Awesome Meter. Fortunately, book people are high on the Awesome Meter themselves – want proof?

Just check out these three places around Birmingham where readers can find free books all stocked by folks who understand the value of books and the joy of reading.

Crestwood Coffee Company

crestwood_photo 3

As soon as you walk into the Crestwood Coffee Company you will see the books lining the wall to the right of you. The selection is a good one for a “take one and leave one” kind of a set up. Lots of big names and hardbacks. Certainly worth checking out. The book conditions run the gamut from bent covers to brand new with stickers still on them. It’s a great place to find free books (and the coffee is tasty too).

Little Free Library Avondale


The Little Free Library movement is a great one. Boxes and birdhouses of books are cropping up all over the country. This one is found in a street-side courtyard at the Methodist Church in Avondale. I have no idea who maintains this or how often the stock is updated. When I stopped by it was all paperbacks with a mix of fiction and poetry. All the books were in the condition you’d think they’d be if left in a box outside.

Literacy Council Book Cart

LC_photo 2

This cart is maintained by the folks of the Alabama Literacy Council. It is rolled outside almost every day, and it’s always worth checking out. You have to stop by early though as the cart of free books sits in the middle of the loft district. So every dog walker and jogger has a chance to pick through the offerings. Please note: the LC offices and cart are temporarily on 2nd Ave. North after a fire damaged their building on 1st Ave. North. I’m not sure when they’ll move back.

LC_photo 1

What am I missing? Are there other good spots around Birmingham for picking up free books? Let me know… of course… I wouldn’t blame you one bit of you wanted to keep your find a secret.

7 thoughts on “Find Free Books in Birmingham”

  1. 2nd and Charles in Hoover has free bins outside, and Panera Bread locations often have a basket of books available. There is a bookshelf in the back of Lucy’s on University Blvd that’s open for sharing. In fact I need to return a book there!

    1. I totally forgot about Lucy’s! They are great. And thanks for the tip about Panera. I’ve never noticed the books before but will start looking around every time I stop by one.

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