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Wordcamp Birmingham 2008!

Worcamp Birmingham

I’m dusting off my notebooks and “back to school” attitude and plan on soaking up all of the knowledge flowing around the Virginia Samford Theater, next weekend (Sept. 27-28).

That’s the site of the first annual Wordcamp Birmingham! It’s going to be a couple of days to talk all about WordPress, the platform this site is built on. Go ahead and check the schedule to see what they have planned over Saturday and Sunday and register sooooooon! Like NOW soon, as seating is limited. Which just means that, if you get in the door, you’re promised a great seat and a chance to participate with some of the coolest blogging-centered folks, from around the country.

Kudos to Andre (and crew) for getting all this together. It’s going to be a blast!

Natta in the news

Andre NattaBham Terminal founder Andre Natta has a swank write-up in one of Birmingham’s local papers (the pics aren’t bad either). Congrats to Christina Crowe on the well-written peek into what makes Andre tick. He deserves to be in the spotlight, after all this time of trying to cast the spotlight on others around town.

Also, take note of the mention of a Wordcamp in Birmingham this September!!! It’s going to be a blast!