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Pilfering a Pilcrow Post

pilcrowI saw this over at fadetheory and had to share. First off, I had forgotten that the “paragraph symbol” is called a pilcrow (which is just a neat word). Second, I had no idea the “backwards P” that begins paragraphs is actually a bastardized ‘C’ for the latin word for ‘chapter’.

Now cool is that? We all learned something today. If you already knew all this, then you get a free lifetime subscription to {head}:sub/head.

Lots of Lettering & Font Fun

BookPatrol mentioned a cool archive this weekend that features 100 Years of Alphabet Books. I wish I had all the time in the world to go through and look at these. Some of the lettering is worthy of framing.

Over on BibliOdyssey, this weekend,  a collection of over-the-top “holy smokes how long did it take them to make that back then” ornate letters and folios were posted. Some of the letters are so ornate that I wouldn’t know what letter it was if not for the tag line. I’ll remember this is how they used to do it, the next time I’m cussin’ a font designer for not setting the kerning correctly on a new display font and maybe it won’t seem so bad.