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Librarian fired for collaring perv

This story is like an onion. I have no idea what kind of code, guidelines, rules, laws, etc. that librarians follow, but this story has to fall in every grey area out there. Are there librarians that say the patron who was arrested here, should not have been reported?

I’m all for privacy and protected speech, but surely these bastions of knowledge aren’t supposed to be havens for criminals?

I didn’t see this coming

I just read that Frank Wilson is leaving the Philadelphia Inquirer… tomorrow! His blog was the second one I ever read. I still remember my first ‘hat tip’ regarding news about some lit prizes. His reliable posts and comments have been fun to try and keep up with. And I have to say there was always something cool about a professional book reviewer blogging all the while he’s penning ink to actual paper.

I’m hoping that Wilson will continue vetting the best and worst of book-inspired links for all of us, somewhere online.

The convergence continues

I am facinated by the conversion of print to digital process. There are so many opportunities, techniques and startegies to explore that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Which is why I’m glad that folks like Chris Anderson are around to think about such things. Specifically, the new business model of making money by giving away your creative property for free! Continue reading The convergence continues