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Helvetica: The Movie on PBS

Set your VCR’s and DVR’s! Depending on where you live, you will get a chance to catch Helvetica, on your local PBS station, either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. The full-theater release was about 80 minutes long, but they have condensed it to 50 minutes and are airing it as part of their Independent Lens series.

You can go here to see when it’s showing in your area. If I’m reading the schedule correctly, it first will air, in my little corner of Birmingham at midnight, Wednesday, January 7th.

BTW, I took the quiz and it turns out that the internet thinks I am Times New Roman. Not sure how I feel about that. It could have been worse I guess (can anyone say Comic S***?).

A bass-tastic video

Designer Saul Bass was BIG a few decades ago (think Vertigo and the original AT&T logo) and his influence can still be found in book covers today. Here is a short video a design student worked up, imagining “what if Saul Bass had been tapped to do the now iconic Star Wars title sequence. I think the fonts and titles are spot on and “very Bass”. It’s all pretty cool (though I’m not sure about the music).


And I wish I could get it to embed, but we seem to be having problems, so you’ll have to click on through, if you want to watch. Sorry. Once there you’ll be able to see the other films Bass’s brush has been applied to.