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2009 Alabama Book Festival

The Alabama Book Festival is today down in Old Alabama Town, Montgonmery, AL. We’re loading the kiddos up and headed down there. Looks to be a good weather day.

Robyn Litchfield just had something post to the Montgomery Advertiser site though, and it sounds like it’ll at least be as good as last year’s!

Here is a list of authors and venue schedule for today.

Clear your calendar

Tomorrow, April 12th is Alabama Bound. It’s the tenth year for the author festival and is a little different this year as it is tied in with our local The Big Read push.


April 19th is just around the corner and that is when the 2008 Alabama Book Festival is taking place. It’s 9am-4pm that Saturday down in Old Alabama Town, in Montgomery.

Here is the most recent list of attending authors and entertainers.