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Reading and the South

The Alabama Humanities Foundation has a new blog up and running called the Kudzu Twines Journal and it’s off to a good start! In fact, a recent post there caught my attention as it speaks to a new “book theory” of mine that I’m working on. The more I talk to folks about books and business and life and etc. the more I’m convinced that it’s a good sign if someone reads biographies. I don’t know too many people that start off reading biographies, but all the really smart, passionate, interesting folks I get to know all seem to take the next step and read about the musicians or about the architect or about the author… you get where I’m going.

Anyway, here’s a post from the Kudzu Twines by a “transplant to the South” who picks up on the idea of studying the people behind the stories and the places you visit. She says much more, but I like that.