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Links for Booklovers

Kevin Bondelli has re-posted his massive 80 Online Resources for Book Lovers listing. It’s one of the best lists, of the sort, that I have come across. Many of the links I’m familiar with, but there’s about a third of them I’ve never heard of.

I’m had some fun with What Should I Read Next. Though, I just entered The Terror by Dan Simmons (which I just finished) and the third recommended title is  Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3. Which is uncanny. I fought Adobe all day today trying to get my PhotoShop transparencies to flatten correctly in InDesign. How did they know I needed the help? Anyway, I think I like LibraryThing’s feature better. It’s turned up many a good read.

If you want to see some b-e-a-utiful books check out the Rare Book Room. Lots of great scans and photographs from books printed in the 1600’s on up.

And I am saving Free Tech Books for later. It can’t be everything I need it to be, so I know I’ll just be disappointed. Though I’ll have to look and see if there are any useful books. Later though.

Anyway, that 80 link list is worth your time to check out and see if there is anything new for you!