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Amazon’s Editors Need Glasses

Now, I’m no Alvin Lustig or Paul Rand, but does anyone at Amazon REALLY think these are the “10 Best Covers of 2008” in all of the tens of thousands of books that were printed this year? Really?

I mean, there were some GORGEOUS covers done this year. Maybe Amazon’s editors just let some random number generator pick these. Even with the Chip Kidd cover included, this list is just weird, at best. Feel free to disagree and if you do, please explain why. I just don’t get it.

2008 Moleskinerie Fall Giveaways

Molskine Free

I’ve tried dozens of notebooks. All shapes, sizes and prices… but I always come back to my simple pocket sized no-ruled Moleskines. I just haven’t found a better notebook that fits my needs. Which is why I entered this year’s 2008 Moleskinerie Fall Giveaway as fast as I could. It seems pretty painless, just send in a snail mail addy and if you’re not selected they automatically enter you in the next drawing. It started today and names are drawn three times a week for five weeks.

Check it out for yourself and good luck (though deep down I really hope I win)!

{hat tip Steve J}

Typecon 2008


If I could be anywhere this week it would be up in Buffalo, New York, at this year’s Typecon. It kicked off yesterday and runs through the 20th. I really need to plan my summer vacations better… maybe next year. I mean surely some of the knowledge and skills of these guys would rub off, right? Well, until then I’ll just have to follow their Twitter feed to get my Typecon fix.

Let me know if you guys find anyplace that has bloggers there or is posting podcasts/video.