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Pilfering a Pilcrow Post

pilcrowI saw this over at fadetheory and had to share. First off, I had forgotten that the “paragraph symbol” is called a pilcrow (which is just a neat word). Second, I had no idea the “backwards P” that begins paragraphs is actually a bastardized ‘C’ for the latin word for ‘chapter’.

Now cool is that? We all learned something today. If you already knew all this, then you get a free lifetime subscription to {head}:sub/head.

Amos Kennedy Film + News

There is a full trailer on YouTube for the upcoming documentary on southern letterpress artist Amos Kennedy. The film, Proceed and Be Bold, will debut at Columbia College in Chicago on May 9, 2008. Here is the older teaser.

He is supposed to be at the Alabama Book Festival on April 19th, down in Montgomery. And if you are a fan, then you need to go see him…

word on the street is that he’s moving to Virginia soon.