New John Grisham Book is FREE

John Grisham has a new book out. It’s short and it’s totally free. You can download the kindle verison straight from Amazon or you can click over to this page and download any file format you want. You can even order a free hard cover copy!

John Grisham download FREEThe book is called “The Tumor” and it has nothing to do with the legal system and probably doesn’t even qualify as a “thriller”. This one is all about cancer and new technology. It’s something that seems near and dear to Grisham’s heart. So he decided to write this 49-page book, partner with the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and give it away. All just to help raise awareness about new technology available to fight cancer.

The story follows a 35-year old father of three as he goes through the prognosis and treatment of a brain tumor. Pretty heavy stuff from Grisham.

I haven’t read it yet. Let me know if you have and how the story stacks up.

2 thoughts on “New John Grisham Book is FREE”

  1. Interesting. I’ve gone ahead and downloaded it. The reviews are all over the place…not sure what some people were expecting but they sure seem ticked off.

    1. I went ahead and downloaded as well. Curious to see how good it is. I haven’t read the reviews yet, but I imagine, if folks didn’t read the flap copy, then there were probably caught off guard.

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