Typographic Wallpaper

This week’s Gifts for Book Lovers is all about the words on the wall. Check out these new typographic wallpaper from the fancy folks at Wall & Deco.

This first one is called Wordless.


It’s sort of a washed out bled through bad-photocopy-paper effect and I like it. It’s just enough that the wallpaper says “book” but your guests won’t spend all evening looking over your shoulder reading. It looks like a bad Google Books scan or something.

But if you’re more of a bold font sort of person, check out this typographic wallpaper called Bronzo.


It has that old world metal letter vintage signage vibe. The colors would pop too. You’d need the right room for this though.

This last one is called Covers and is the most subtle of the bunch.


It’s not really a typographic wallpaper, but hey, it’s stacked books! This one would work in just about any room I would think though it’s kind of hard to tell what that linen pattern is doing.

I couldn’t find any pricing for these wallpapers, but I’m sure if you created a Wall & Deco account or shot them an email they’d be happy to chat with you. These wallpapers would be a great gift for any book lover’s home.

Which one is your favorite?

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