Heavenly Donut Co. + Free Books

I love when a local shop steps up and surprises you. Such is the case with The Heavenly Donut Co., here in Birmingham, AL. I went for the bacon maple donut, but stayed for all of the books! Over to the left of the eating area, by the couch, is a big case of books. It was great.Heavenly_Donut_co

The whole setup operates on the simple premise:

Take One, Leave One.

So it’s free book and tasty donuts? Awesome. To date I have snagged one book and left two. I’ll have to swing by periodically to see if there’s anything else I’d like to read. I don’t make it out to that side of town much, but folks out there have pretty good reading tastes judging by the batch of donated books. Or is it dough-nated? Ew. Sorry. Bad pun.


So check them out. The Heavenly Donut Co. opens around 6 a.m. on weekdays and closes around 9 p.m. which are great hours. They are on Twitter too.

Do you know of any other book exchanges around Birmingham? I listed a few like Crestwood Coffee Shop here in an earlier post, but would love to visit some place new and see what’s out there.



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