The Strain on Fox

The Strain on Fox

Wait!? What!? How could I miss this? The Strain, one of my favorite sci-fi trilogy series, from a couple of years ago, is being made into a TV-mini-series by the author himself Guillermo Del Toro!

Here is the only teaser or trailer-related bit I could find for The Strain, which apparently will be on the Fox network:

The teaser doesn’t show much, but I have complete confidence in Mr. del Toro that this will be as close to the books as possible. So it has to be good, right? This is all Wikipedia as on it, which seems a little out of date.

The Strain Trilogy

The Strain trilogy was a good blend of classic sci-fi, vampires and tech. So if you like two out of those three you may like these books. But if you don’t like vampires, then I’d pass if I were you. All three books were fun reads and the series ended on a pretty big note. So go read the books. And then get ready for The Strain on Fox TV this Summer.

Have any of you read these books?

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  1. I have, in fact, read the trilogy and agree that all three volumes are a delight! The main draw for me, beside the intense action throughout, was the way the vampires were characterized in the story. These are not your pretty Twilight vampires, nor the politico-militant vampires of the Underworld saga. Rather, del Toro gives us a most beastly, nightmarish vampire breed whose minion lean almost too far into a zombie-style character. Decidedly unique from what we’ve seen beforehand, and I really hope this is properly portrayed on film.

    1. Totally agree. On all points. It’s going to hang on how close he can get all of the “darkness”, in vampires, characters and tone, on TV to equal what’s in the books. And for the comment… Thnay!

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