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I discovered Twitter some time ago and have been hooked ever since. So I am maintaining a list of all the “bookish types” who, I follow, on Twitter. The list isn’t very organized, yet. But it’s brimming with publishers,book designers, book media folks, publicists, bookshops and peppered with an author here and there. If you know of anybody else, in the publishing/book world, that I should be following, please let me know. Also, please let me know of any other online rosters of this type. I haven’t found one, which is the impetus in developing my own.

I’ve had some great conversations online because of it and am looking for more. Some of the tweeters do a great job of using the medium. Others, like myself, are still a bit newbie and it shows. But we’re learning and following!

4 thoughts on “Bookish Types who Twitter”

  1. This is a toughy because not all lit twitterers are active and not all active twitterers keep to one subject.

    What about….


  2. I agree that not all Twitterers are active.
    That’s why I went with the approach of “folks I follow” rather than just a straight directory culled from a search.
    Sort of a “human filter” on that.
    I’m a liberal adder/deleter. My Follow List is always in flux.

    And thanks for offering up the ones you did.
    I already have O’Reilly on my list and I’ll check out these others.
    I do appreciate it.

  3. I’m a little embarrassed to see fade theory on your list. I started to twitter, but definitely haven’t kept it up. Maybe this post was my defibrillator.

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