The Ever Evolving LibraryThing

I’ll say it again… if you’re not on LibraryThing you are REALLY missing out. The only downside is that the updates and new features are rolling out so quickly that I can’t keep up. Every few weeks I feel like I’m learning a new service.

They have a new home page (think Facebook, but for books) which is all about your ‘profile’ and not so much your library. But it’s totally customizable, so it is only what you want.


Plus, they’ve gone beyond just the groups and have allowed users to ‘friend’ other users and get updates to their recent book aquisitions and profile changes.

I’ll stop there as I move on to try and figure out the whole “local bookstore has it in-stock” feature. Which, I imagine, will be another post.

Let me know of any LT features or highlights that might make this small bibliophile’s life a little better!

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