Looking at books

One of my favorite things to do is look at books. And I mean that exactly as I typed it. I don’t have to be looking ‘for’ a book… I literally can spend hours online looking at photos of other people’s libraries and book stashes.

And I’m tired of enduring this voyeuristic life alone…

Which is why I’m passing on these links. I frequent each of these many times each month. So now you too can get fall down the rabbit hole.

Happy ogling!

Your Shelves >> a fantastic look at people’s books at home as submitted by individuals.

A librophiliac’s love letter >> a static blog post featuring unbelievable libraries from around the world.

Bookcases >> this is a LibraryThing group where members share their libraries and shelving problems/solutions

Your books >> a Flickr group

My books >> another Flickr group, but not so many library shots.

Of books >> yet another Flickr group

Bookstores >> a Flickr group that showcases small indie bookstores from around the world. Lots of cool stuff

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