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to check out the Book TV schedule for the weekend.

And if you have the means, mark your calendar for September 30th in Washington DC. That’s the day of the National Book Festival. So far 70+ authors have committed to appear. That list is here, but no schedule yet, of which ones will be signing. If you make it up there let me know. I’d love to post pics and hear about it. I can’t make it, but I’ll get to make up there one of these years.

Vote now!

The Quills list has been released. This book award show is televised and sponsored/supported by all the major media conglomerates.

Basically everybody gets to vote on their favorite books and the books with the most votes wins. You can vote for your faves here. The polls close on September 30th.
The site also shows videos from last year’s award show. Here’s a list of the 2005 Quills winners.

The 2006 Quills will be shown on NBC, October 10th from New York City.

Author arrested

Like many in Birmingham I went to the Joshilyn Jackson signing Between, Georgia, at the Alabama Booksmith, back in July. This was about three weeks before Jackson was ARRESTED on August 10th!!!

Was Jackson a criminal mastermind? Was Jackson really a raving madperson posing as a sunday school teaching soccer mom that writes books on the side to help ends meet?
Nope. Jackson’s crime was that her “papers were not in order”.

Sounds like something from a Hogan’s Heroes episode doesn’t it?

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