Tis the season

shelftreet.jpgBooks are always my first gift of choice for folks I know. It’s fun to try and match up your friends and family with books they might not have heard of, but you think “are right up their alley”. But this year, I keep getting sucked into “bookish” sites though… like Levenger and such.

That’s when I ran across the pic of the ‘Book Tree’ at Swiss Miss (it’s also featured on Crib Candy). Which all led me back to a post on the Book Covers blog featuring some of the hippest and coolest shelves around. It’s not quite “library porn”, but it’s fun to click through all the sites and check out the designs.

Kindle cancels savings

The folks over at Media Bistro have posed a neat theory: Amazon has started selling mass-paperbacks and some trade papers at full price, rather than the usual Amazon discount, to help push people towards their new e-book reader.

It’s a pretty good theory and after some cursory clicks, I can verify that many paperbacks are now at full price. It makes sense from Amazon’s view, kinda… Continue reading

The Secret is out

Workplay is the venue for an event slated as “FOUND Magazine vs. Postsecret“. All of the sites and printed books/magazines for FOUND and Postsecret are fantastically voyeuristic and comforting at times.

Tickets are $15 a pop (or $40 for the VIP treatment, which includes some kind of ‘smaller intimate setting’) proceeds benefit HopeLine.

{via Pop Goes the City}

A book of book blogs

I ran across The Bookaholics’ Guide to Book Blogs the other day while doing some holiday shopping. I have seen plenty of online writings about the cottage-industry of “book blogs” and “lit blogs”, but never an actual book. Are there others?

This 254-pager seems to give the backgrounds for some ‘big names’ in the book blog world. It might be a fun read. Here is the synopsis from the UK site (it’s a lot more succinct than the US one. Continue reading

Reviewing the reviews

This last weekend I caught a panel of reviewers talking about themselves and book reviews over on BookTV. To be honest, they didn’t say much that hasn’t been said already, just a whole lot of complaining about the “shift in the industry” and how the mega-media companies see no value in printing book reviews.

And then I ran across this story… Continue reading

List of Lists

Reed’s Next Reed points us to the NY Times’ 100 Most Notable Books of 2007.

It’s a mammoth list that makes me feel very much so out of the loop. There are too many on that list that I have never heard of! So I started poking around and found a few more lists:

The Telegraph
The Times

The Guardian

I guess it’s always fun to see what the “pros” are saying around the world, but I find a lot more enjoyable lists when seeing what’s hot on LibraryThing and BookMooch…  and blogs! Let me know if you compile your own “Best of 2007″ book reading list. I’d like to check out your list!

One hundred and twenty-three

That is how many days have passed since I have posted here at {head}:sub/head.  That’s 4-months exactly.

I’m still making some changes around here, but you can bet that I am well rested and ready to start passing along the choicest bits of books and Birmingham marginalia.

Hope everyone had a rest-filled holiday!