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What if e-books were first?

Mac Slocum over on the O-Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing  blog offers up a neat twist to the debate of e-books vs. paper books… what if we had all been using e-books for the past few hundred years and paper books were just coming on the market? Would we all laugh at the paperback, or as the new kid on the block, would it capture our attention and spark a movement?

He lists out the benfits of the new unplugged book model: no need to buy batteries, lasts a loooooong time, ultra portable, ultra cheap, etc. All these things almost put the old e-book model to shame, huh?

Slocum calls it the flip test and it sure seems a good way to look at both sides of an equation.

Kindle cancels savings

The folks over at Media Bistro have posed a neat theory: Amazon has started selling mass-paperbacks and some trade papers at full price, rather than the usual Amazon discount, to help push people towards their new e-book reader.

It’s a pretty good theory and after some cursory clicks, I can verify that many paperbacks are now at full price. It makes sense from Amazon’s view, kinda… Continue reading Kindle cancels savings