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DIY Author Expo

Ann, over at Books on the Nightstand, has produced a post that capitalizes on what I think is one of the coolest ideas floating around right now… build your own virtual book conference. Basically, she came up with a theme (books she likes right now) and she put together a collection of online videos with the authors, readings and other notes. So now you can click your way through her conference, titled Pixelated, at your own pace.

I want to do this. This could be really fun and you could tie in all kinds of content from various social media. All I need is a theme and some free time… hmmmm.

Randy Pausch passes on

Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, died of pancreatic cancer today. I’m not one for touchy feely anything. That includes motivational books too. Don’t know why. They just never resonate with me. But this book, this video, are the exception (here is a shorter WSJ recap of the video). He is right on. Every word of it. It’s common sense. It’s practical. It’s hope. It’s love. I’m glad he was a teacher. People like Pausch need to be in a place where they can pass along their attitudes and knowledge.

King and Conroy

This one is going to make my wife very happy. We haven’t missed a Cassandra King signing yet. She’s even gone so far as to find a signed copy of Making Waves in Zion back when she was Cassandra King Ray and publishing with Black Belt Press. Well, here is a video of hubby Pat Conroy interviewing his wife about her latest book.

{via BookChase}