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Does it matter what an author looks like?

I do a lot of thinking about ebooks and digital media, but Readerville pointed the way to a post by author Jennifer Weiner about something I have never really thought about: does it matter what an author looks like? Their example given is a good one:

the idea that she would likely have reacted differently to the author’s tale of marital woe had she known she was a gorgeous blonde who’d have no trouble finding a new mate.

I have to admit to often deciphering an author’s name as I reach for a book in the bookstore. Especially in the Current Events topic areas. You really do get different points of view from people living in different places, but I never applied to the sympathy and believability side of things.

I’m going to have to go through LibraryThing’s author database and look up all of my authors to see who lives up the image in my mind and who surprises me.

Most Influential Southern Novel

Academics from a few southern universities have compiled a short-list of “the greatest in Southern Literature” and will discuss/announce the “winner” this Wednesday night on South Carolina Education TV. There is also an “online poll” tab to click on so you can vote for your favorite.

The list of 20 titles that they compiled is:

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Happy World Book Day, Part Deux

This holiday has been around since 1923. But for some reason, it’s never really caught on here in the states. Not sure why. These days it’s organized by UNESCO and seems like a good idea. This older Wolrd Book Day originates in Spain and is different than England’s World Book Day (which they celebrate on March 5th) which was founded in 1998. So, anyway…

Happy World book Day (for the second time in 2009)!