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All together now

Here’s a pretty neat post from some folks over at Picador about publishing a book simultaneously as a hardback and paperback.

I’ve always wondered if it’s two different customer sets. Paperbacks have always been easier for me to read, so I always go for those (the lower price point helps too). But the hardbacks look sooooo much better on the shelf and 9 out of 10 times are designed better.

From my desk here I can see six titles that I bought in paperback and liked it so much that I bought it in hardback too. Is that weird? I haven’t reread any of them, but it just seems more appropriate to have these books as hardbacks sitting on my shelf.

Kindle cancels savings

The folks over at Media Bistro have posed a neat theory: Amazon has started selling mass-paperbacks and some trade papers at full price, rather than the usual Amazon discount, to help push people towards their new e-book reader.

It’s a pretty good theory and after some cursory clicks, I can verify that many paperbacks are now at full price. It makes sense from Amazon’s view, kinda… Continue reading Kindle cancels savings