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Books and Beer!? Does it get any better?

Attention Birmingham, the Emmet O’Neal Library is hosting a sudsy summer benefit on July 30th. It’s a gourmet beer tasting (now possible thanks to FTH). they’re calling Books and Brews. You’ll need a membership to get in. They are $30 a pop and are available at the door. Though they’re saying only 250 memberships are available.

The event kicks off at 6pm and runs until 8:30pm.

Book Review – Beat the Reaper

This is a faaaaaaaaaast read by Josh Bazell. And I don’t just mean that it’s short or easy writing. I mean the pace doesn’t let up, even with the flip flopping between flashbacks and the storyline. If you’re looking for something deep and heavy with plot, this isn’t it. If your looking for a fast shoot-em-up kinda story for summer, this fits nicely.

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On the Same Page

I have just finished reading Clive Thomspson’s WIRED artcile on the Future of Reading. The notion of unleashing the book online to prod readers into interacting with text sounds like fun and I like the idea of focusing on the reader. I look forward to all the variations and trials that publishers put forward in the coming months, but there is one aspect of books that I hope they maintain in all their experimentation…

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