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Ten years ago today…

The term “web blog” was coined by Joen Barger. That article has some of Barger’s “principles for good blogging”. I found #2 interesting. After thinking about it for 10 seconds I realized just how true it is.

I wish #8 would catch on with everyone too! I hate clicking on a blog link just to find the pdf viewer launching to view some static calendar.

{via Books, Inq.}

I’m over there too

For the month of December, I’ll also be posting over at The Bham Terminal. It’s a hyper-local site that’s gaining steam here in Birmingham, AL and across the Southeastern U.S.

It looks like my bookish banter will fall in the Timetable section. I haven’t decided if I’ll cross-post or what. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

So check it out, before I do something wrong and cause that cool site to crash (though I’ll try not too)! There’s a lot of good info to crawl through for folks who live around these here parts.