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They are just asking for it

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a hosting a design contest. One where they are asking folks to design the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Can you imagine the submissions they are going to get?

Of course, the winning design has no impact on the actual library, but the winner does get an iPod Touch. All entries must be penned on the back of an envelope, which is only slighty larger than the napkins I’m used to sketching on. I envision some serious censoring going on when building their web gallery for us all to vote on.

{via So Many Books}

Bad bookcover blog

I ran across Judge a Book By Its Cover this weekend. It’s a public librarian’s blog that features the worst book covers in the library. Pure torture, if you ask me. There are some really bad covers out there. Ugh! Not sure I can check in too often. After visiting that one I always have to click over to Henry Yene See’s blog to cleanse my palette and calm down. His covers are great and his work is fun to follow because he posts everything from concepts through final work.

But that first blog kind of runs along the line of the Boston’s Museum of Bad Art (which is home to the immortal Lucy in the Field with Flowers).