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War and New Piece

Every year, Tolstoy’s War and Peace makes it as one of the top-ten best novels every written. So what does publisher Harper Collins want to do to honor this distinction? Put the 1500 page classic on a diet and change the ending, of course!

That’s right, the new edition coming out this year will be half as long and characters who were previously killed will live and others that lived will die. Why?

Harper Collins says…

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A ying to that yang

Now, after that last post ranting on the state of new books, I have to say I am most excited about Michael Chabon’s 2007 release! It’s titled The Yiddish Policeman’s Union and is set to hit bookshelves on May 1st. Being a cover-guy, I usually wait until Amazon has covers posted before linking. But I feel as if I need some balance after that last post.
Chabon’s new story has and “alternate reality” twist to it as it takes place in Israel which is in Alaska…

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